Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cris Carrier (The Power Of Forgiveness)

In 1976, one day before Christmas holiday, Cris Carrier young (10 years old) was walking to his home when suddenly a guy came to him and asked Cris to follow him. Cris followed that guy because Cris thought that guy is his father's friend.

What Cris didn't know was that guy got fired because always drank when he still became a caregiver for Cris' family. That day, that guy was planned to take a vengeance for what Cris' family did to him. That guy shot Cris in his head and left Cris alone among the scrub. Cris unconscious for six days before he was found by someone.

2 weeks after that accident, Cris tried to description the guy that already shot Cris but Cris couldn't do that because still trauma. That guy was released because police don't have any proof. That guy already made Cris' left eye became blind, the miracle is Cris didn't have any serious injured in his head. With the care, love and support from his family, Cris tried go back to his school and his life again.

Almost for 3 years Cris couldn't sleep alone and always sleep with his parents because he felt like there was someone stow to his room.

On September 1996, Major Charles Schere from Coral Gables Corp told Cris that he already found the guy who shot him. Cris went to old folks home and met that guy, Cris became pity because that guy lived alone there and blind because glaucoma.

When he met Cris, he sorry for what he already done. Cris said that he already forgive him a long time ago. Cris always visited that guy and gave a family care to that guy until that guy died.

Valuable things that we can learn :
1. Cris can forgive that guy who already makes him blind because Cris know that Jesus can forgive him and why he can't forgive that guy.
2. Jesus' miracle is so amazing, how can a boy that is shot in his head can still life. Only miracle!
3. Jesus' plan is wonderful at Jesus' time. Just believe HIM!

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